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Your energy transition partner

Unique expertise on the energy market and regulation since 2007

The GreenYellow model is based on a disruptive idea: to enhance unused spaces of our clients by installing solar panels, and focus our development on green and local energy.
Since then, we have expanded our expertise to become the energy partner for businesses and institutions and we continue to expand internationally and to diversify our customer base.



“To face energy challenges, decision-makers should no longer have to choose between economic and ecological benefits. With GreenYellow, their energy transformation becomes both profitable and responsible.”

Otmane Hajji, President of GreenYellow

Otmane Hajji

Since 2007, our method has been proving its efficiency: Combining a comprehensive view of energy with an approach customized to the realities of each client. To do so, our experts are present in every step of a project: Design, construction, financing, management, operation, and monitoring. All to ensure guaranteed performance over time.


The GreenYellow Executive Committee sharing the same passion

GreenYellow's COMEX members
Our Executive Committee: (from left to right) Gino Gauthier, General Manager in charge of Development and Partnerships - Karine Anne Huberfeld, General Secretary & General Counsel - Otmane Hajji, President and founder - Philippe Houins, General Manager in charge of operations and founder member - Jean-Baptiste Juery, Chief Financial Officer - Virginie Lanier, General Director in charge of Human Resources  

Our company has grown at a brisk pace. Internationally, we already have a presence in 16 countries, from Southeast Asia to Latin America. We’re reaching all kinds of clients, in industry and non-food industry, logistics, retail and food retail, health care, transportation, local governments, and more. And to anticipate new energy practices, we are constantly innovating and adding new partnerships in strategic areas like self-consumption and electric mobility. Our ambition: Making our client energy transition, a success!

Les expertises de GreenYellow



Key figures

€1,2 billion

invested in photovoltaic solar installations and energy efficiency on our clients’ premises

486 MW




345 solar plants




€84,5 million​

of energy savings per year to our clients



2,800 EEAs*

*Energy Efficiency Agreement



80 €m of EBITDA

including gains on assets disposals and changes in scope - 2021



Shift to profitable energy with GreenYellow!

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Integrity and responsibility as a guideline

Maintaining trust-based and sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders

At GreenYellow, we value our relationships with all our stakeholders. We strive to maintain ethical and lawful relationships across the geographies in which we operate.

For more information, please see our varisous codes and charters below.