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GreenYellow continues to expand in Eastern Europe


Solar Photovoltaic

GreenYellow continues to expand in Eastern Europe

  • One year after opening its offices in Poland, GreenYellow, an expert in decentralized solar production and energy efficiency projects, is deploying out its decarbonization platform throughout the country.

  • The Group is also continuing its development in Hungary and Bulgaria, in line with its ambition to make Europe a priority in its growth strategy over the next 5 years.

GreenYellow establishes its presence in Poland

The deployment of GreenYellow Polska, headed by Nicolas Bzymek and now counting around ten employees, continues in a buoyant market linked to:

  • the reduction of the country's dependence on fossil fuels, which account for around 80% of the energy produced, with 70% of electricity production coming from coal.
  • and an unprecedented rise in energy prices. Although falling, electricity prices are still twice as high as they were before 2020.

This context is prompting companies to explore alternative solutions and improve the energy performance of their sites, calling on the expertise of players like GreenYellow to deploy projects that accelerate the energy transition within short timeframes.

The Group is delighted to announce the signing of a 15-year green electricity self-consumption contract with a major food retailer.

This contract covers 14 sites where photovoltaic carports will be installed from 2023, with a total capacity of 7.8 MWp, generating around 8.5 GWh of energy each year. The solar power generated will cover up to 20% of the sites' electricity consumption, and all of it will be consumed on site. This capacity will enable local and sustainable electricity production, reducing the stores' carbon footprint.

GreenYellow also relies on its partnerships with Schneider Electric to support the Group's development in Poland. These partnerships involve the implementation of energy performance agreements, which have already been very successful in other countries such as France, Spain (with Faurecia) and Germany (with Unilever). GreenYellow is also focusing its efforts on developing microgrid solutions integrating elements such as solar energy, battery storage and consumption management. In Poland, the potential of microgrids is significant, as many customers want to control their energy costs and reduce their dependence on the traditional electricity grid.

GreenYellow continues to expand in Hungary and Bulgaria

In addition to Poland, GreenYellow continues to expand in Eastern Europe, mainly in the industrial, food industry and retail markets.

In Bulgaria, the company helped chemical manufacturer Solvay build a 4 MWp self-consumption solar plant. This facility produces 5.3 GWh of green electricity per year, reducing the company's carbon footprint by more than 2,200 tonnes of CO2.

In Hungary, GreenYellow also inaugurated a photovoltaic power plant last month on the site of its customer Apollo Tyres Ltd, an international player in the automotive tire industry. This 9.3 MWp self-consumption solar plant, which produces 10 GWh a year, enables Apollo Tyres to reduce its energy costs while reducing its carbon footprint.

Otmane Hajji, President of GreenYellow, comments: "GreenYellow is pursuing its growth and strategic development in Europe. Following the arrival of Ardian as a key shareholder, we have strengthened our resources, including the consolidation of our equity with the injection of 170 million euros of capital to pursue our development as an operator owning and operating its assets over the long term, our geographical expansion and our acquisition strategy".