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GreenYellow France selected for CRE tender

Solar Photovoltaic

GreenYellow France selected for CRE tender

GreenYellow France is proud to be selected for the latest CRE (Energy Regulatory Commission (France) and to be ranked second! The winning projects represent a total capacity of 16 MWp.

Following the publication by the Ministry of Ecological Transition of the list of new winners of the CRE tender; designated for the development of PV installations on buildings, greenhouses and agricultural sheds and carport installations with a power of more than 500 kWp; we are pleased to announce that our photovoltaic projects presented within this framework and totaling 16 MWp have been selected, with our bid being ranked second overall.

Congratulations to the GreenYellow France teams, who work every day to help companies and local authorities make their energy transition a success!

See the list of winners in detail here.