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GreenYellow’s largest plant in Thailand is in service!


Solar Photovoltaic

A new project for GreenYellow Asia

GreenYellow’s largest plant in Thailand is in service

GreenYellow Thailand’s teams delivered their landmark project for South East Textile, a key player in spinning and weaving cotton fabrics.


This project is making a big splash:

Its size is impressive, with an initial 4MWp phase followed several months later by a second phase adding 2MWp. It’s the biggest project at a single site for GreenYellow in Thailand, and probably one of the largest rooftop solar plants in the entire country.

Another impressive point is the client’s involvement: It took just 3 weeks after the first contact with the client for the power purchase agreement to be signed.

Finally, and perhaps most critical to the project, was how fast it took to implement: Only one year from signing in August 2019 to commissioning! That might not seem too quick at first, but it’s important to remember that the average time it takes to complete a project larger than 1MWp in Thailand is about 15 months, because you need 5 permits and licenses from various government authorities.

A tremendous achievement and a milestone in the development of GreenYellow Asia!