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Shift Mobility accelerates electric mobility in Brazil!

EV charging stations

Shift Mobility accelerates electric mobility in Brazil!

GreenYellow do Brasil is partnering with Mobilize, a smart mobility solutions brand of the Renault group, to provide charging stations for electric vehicles!

As part of its 2022 strategy to develop its electric mobility offering, GreenYellow do Brasil signed a partnership with Mobilize to be the official supplier of EV charging stations for Mobilize under the « as a service » leasing model; already successfully practiced in the Shift Efficiency and Shift Production offers.
GreenYellow covers the entire initial investment, which speeds up the roll-out of charging stations so they can get into the hands of Mobilize’s B2B electric fleet clients faster.

GreenYellow is positioned as a major integrator of electric mobility, able to serve companies with a wide range of profiles, such as retailers who wish to offer this service to their customers, as well as companies with electric fleets.

To learn more about our Shift Mobility offer and our electric vehicle charging station solutions, visit this page.