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World Climate Day: Test your knowledge and contribute to reforestation!

World Climate Day: Test your knowledge and contribute to reforestation!

For World Climate Day, which takes place today, GreenYellow is making a commitment again. In addition to the actions carried out locally by our BUs, GreenYellow is launching a fun quiz available in 12 languages to test your knowledge and help promote consumption modes using less energy.

To ensure that our commitment is more than just words, GreenYellow has identified a non-profit organization that contributes to sustainable development and will benefit from our action.Reforest’Action.
Participate by clicking here ici.

For each quiz filled in by our employees and subscribers, GreenYellow will donate €1 to the non-profit Reforest’Action.


Why did we choose Reforest'Action?

The mission of this association is to preserve, restore and create forests throughout the world, in order to develop their numerous environmental, social, and economic benefits over the long term. « It’s not just about planting saplings. It’s a much more complex know-how that requires an approach adapted to each type of soil, each landscape, each valley of the planet, taking into account its biodiversity and the culture of local populations », as Stéphane HallairePresident and Founder of Reforest’Action.

So, get to your keyboards! Fill out the quiz, and share it so that there will be more participation.
Together, let’s act for the climate!