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Finance your energy renovations

Whether you’re a business or an individual, you can enlist an expert in order to earn Energy Efficiency Certificates (EECs)

GreenYellow is the energy partner that can assist you in funding your renovations using Energy Efficiency Certificates.

Are you eligible for EECs? To find out, contact our experts and to learn more about EECs, click here.


GreenYellow’s advantages

Assistance from beginning to end

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Financer vos travaux de rénovation énergétique grâce aux CEE

Did you know that you can finance your new insulation or boiler replacement through the aid mechanism of Energy Efficiency Certificates (EECs)?

Under the Energy Efficiency Certificates mechanism, Cdiscount Energie has partnered with GreenYellow to enable you to get a Renovation Credit of up to €4,000.

To learn more, calculate how much your credit would be at our dedicated website.

Your savings with the Cdiscount Energie Renovation Credit:

  • Up to €4000 reimbursed
  • A free quote and no commitment, even once signed
  • Personalized assistance with a client advisor available to you
  • Credit paid directly to your bank account

Energy Efficiency Certificates, called EECs for short, are a government program to accelerate the energy transition in France.

Since 2006, energy providers have been required to assist companies and individuals to incentivize them to achieve energy savings.

the mechanism of EECs: They finance renovations in homes and businesses to improve energy performance, like replacing a boiler, adding insulation, or installing LEDs. In return, they receive EECs that they can sell to other companies.

This system makes it possible to finance its energy renovations, under certain conditions that can be viewed here for businesses and here for individuals.