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Shift Efficiency

Reduce your energy footprint and optimize your equipments

GreenYellow will assist you in defining realistic energy savings targets over time. Our teams can target the most effective drivers of performance or retool your entire value chain thanks to our solutions that could be combined or activated individually:

Energy audits, Energy Efficiency Agreement (EEA), Optimal lighting, chiller and boiler retrofit, HVAC solutions, refrigeration, Utility-as-a-service (Greencool), ...

Your benefits:

  • Decrease your energy bill
  • Renovate and replace your installations
  • Focus your time and money on your core business
  • Support your processes with reliable equipment
  • Address & leverage regulatory changes
  • Reach your carbon neutrality commitment


GreenYellow’s advantages

Savings guaranteed

for the entire period of the contract

No up-front investment

Your project is funded by energy savings

Built-in efficiency

Optimal commissioning

Smart operations

End-to-end expertise


A proven methodology to help you unlock concrete value

Our team of expert will design tailor made solutions to help you maximize energy efficiency at your sites thanks to our deep engineering capabilities

  1. Understand: Energy Audits
  2. Optimize: Carrying out energy efficiency work and running the system
  3. Monitoring: Reporting on activity & savings

Key figures

3,300 EEAs

(Energy Efficiency Agreement)

1,070 GWh

of annual savings

A pipeline of

1.1 TWh

7 years

of average contract life