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Shift Mobility

Accelerate your energy transition by deploying your own electric vehicle charging infrastructure

GreenYellow develops custom projects to charge your electric vehicles and assists you from defining needs to the deployment stage, thanks to our global and customizable offer Shift Mobility:

Engineering, procurement and commissioning, installation, supervision and maintenance of EV charging points, charge as a service, monitoring, ...

The solutions cover all configurations with a mix of various powers levels:

  • Traditional infrastructure
  • ultra-fast charging
  • freestanding charging stations


Your benefits

  • Speed up electric mobility with effective solutions
  • Pick the right size for your infrastructure based on your needs
  • Get the most innovative ultra-fast charging technologies
  • Visibly express your CSR commitments

GreenYellow’s advantages

  • Assistance from beginning to end
    Research, deployment, commissioning and operation

  • Turnkey projects

  • Multi-site expertise

  • Financing supported by GreenYellow

Borne de recharge de véhicule électrique

Key figures

500 fast and ultra-fast stations

installed and 1,150 under construction

Ultra-fast charging in 27 min

for 300 km of range

GreenYellow is boosting the launch of Jedlix for smart charging in France

At the beginning of 2020, Jedlix is launching its Smart Charging services in France. A pioneer in providing green energy, GreenYellow is a pioneer in this launch.

With Jedlix your EV charges automatically on the greenest and cheapest moments, for the energy market, using the handy Jedlix app, you will be able to receive a financial contribution of €5 to €30 per month, based on the volume of energy charged with this smart system.
Additionally, electric vehicle drivers will be able to reduce their CO2 emissions on the power grid, while balancing out the French grid.

The Jedlix app is available in French app stores, and the smart charging interface for electric vehicles can be used by Renault Zoé and Tesla drivers. The service will be available very soon for other electric vehicle brands.

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L'application GreenYellow - Shift Mobility

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