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Shift Energy Services

Whether you’re a business or an individual, we support your energy sourcing strategy and help you buy energy that best fits your usage at the best price

Support your energy sourcing strategy:  

The expert teams at GreenYellow will assist you in optimizing your energy contracts, help you buy energy that best fits your usage at the best price (purchasing of gas and electricity), and enable you to manage your consumption.

To deliver these outcomes, we have developed a unique set of solutions that could be combined or activated individually: energy selling, energy contract assessment & adjustment, bill management, demand & response, energy consumption monitoring, ...

Decrease your energy bill

Increase your agility by digitizing your management energy system

Focus your time and money on your core business

Support your energy strategy with reliable aggregated data

Address & leverage regulatory changes

Reach your carbon neutrality commitment


GreenYellow’s advantages

We have developed special value-added services ….

  • Fully integrated digital tools
  • Intelligent monitoring
  • Smart operations

… and a unique contractual solution

  • Optimized energy strategy
  • End-to-end expertise C
  • ustomized reports


Key figure

More than €270m

of electricity and gas purchased each year

3,000 GWh

of electricity and gas under management

7,500 points

points of consumption monitored

Going even further

  • Permanently lower your consumption with our energy efficiency solutions
  • Get green energy devoted to professionals for 7% less* dédiée aux professionnels* : A dedicated point of contact, no interruption in power, no commitment
    To change suppliers and sign up for these rates, see the website or call 0808 800 130 from Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.



Looking for a cheaper energy plan?

Cdiscount Energie is GreenYellow’s expertise combined with Cdiscount’s style. The result: a gas and electricity plan at the optimal price to help clients in their everyday lives.

  • Less expensive electricity* : 15% less per kWh
  • Cheaper gas* : 10% less per kWh

To change utilities and get these rates, click here or call 09 77 40 20 30 from Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Looking for a green electricity supplier?

With GreenYellow, you can get a cheaper green electricity plan* and a digital solution to monitor your consumption

  • 10% cheaper* than EDF’s regulated rate
  • 100% guaranteed green electricity*
  • A connected solution with a sensor and dedicated mobile app
  • Track euros and kW
  • Sign-up is easy at:  :

GreenYellow’s advantages

  • GreenYellow takes care of everything
    Changing electricity providers has never been so easy
  • No commitment
    GreenYellow takes over from your current electricity provider, and you’re free to change at any time with no fees
  • No disruption
    Your power meter stays the same
*GreenYellow guarantees, through the purchase of origin guarantee(s), that renewable energy was produced and injected into the power grid in a quantity equivalent to the client’s consumption. The discount applies to the per-kWh price excluding tax compared to the regulated rate offered by the legacy electrical utility (EDF). The price of signing up for electrical service is the same as the regulated rate.
Energy is our future, save it !