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Our CSR commitments

A positive impact throughout our ecosystem

2019 CSR report

GreenYellow_CSR_reportDiscover our first CSR report!


This first edition crystallizes 13 years of long lasting commitment to sustainable development.
It also highlights our concrete actions carried out around the world and evaluated by clear indicators.

You will discover our CSR policy and its 4 pillars:

 - Act in an environmentally responsible way
 - Commit to the prosperity of our teams
 - Support local communities and institutions
 - Build transparent and trust-based partnerships

With this first edition, we wish to establish an annual meeting with all our stakeholders.

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Plus qu’un engagement, le développement durable est notre modèle économique

«Avoiding useless kWh, combined with locally produced green energy : such is our core business. We believe our operating model is robust and virtuous, and we use it every day to achieve our corporate responsibility. It is part of our mission to share the value we create with all our stakeholders, wherever we operate.»

Otmane Hajji, President of GreenYellow

At GreenYellow, we are your energy transition partner ... and that of all our stakeholders

Since our creation, we have successfully addressed the challenges of the energy transition : to help you consume less and consume better! Our DNA is rooted in environmental and social responsibility. As a true partner, we believe it is our duty to seek a double positive impact, both economic and environmental, for our teams, clients, investors... Our 13 years of activity and expansion proved our model sound and robust: by focusing on a smart energy mix, where green and local production prevail, we are able to reconcile new energies and profitable energy savings.

At GreenYellow, we take great pride in being ambassadors and actors of sustainable development projects. Our teams are young and see the future in the long term, which motivates them all the more to contribute to the energy transition.

In line with our commitment to the environment to fight against global warming, we are actively contributing to the achievement of the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs), and in particular goal #7 (clean energy at affordable prices) and goal #13 (fight against climate change).

L'engagement RSE de GreenYellow


Our CSR policy

Our CSR policy was defined in 2019 as a set of 14 initiatives, grouped in 4 pillars, to:

  • Act in an environmentally responsible way:
    Support the fight against global warming (reduction of greenhouse gases), Contribute to the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity, Promote and encourage environmental awareness

  • Commit to the prosperity of our teams:
    Foster cohesion and promote diversity, Facilitate the entry of young people into the job market, Offer our employees dynamic career opportunities, Foster a work atmosphere based on health, safety and well-being everywhere

  • Support local communities and institutions:
    Interact with local and national institutions, Promote and preserve local culture and heritage, Foster local solidarity partnerships

  • Build transparent and trust-based partnerships:
    Encourage responsible energy consumption, Reinforce ethics and compliance throughout our value chain, Ensure responsible sourcing and promote supplier CSR initiatives, Inform our stakeholders about our CSR roadmap and results



CSR in action

In 2019, all operating solar installations and energy efficiency projects avoided the emission of 200,000 tons of CO2 (cumulative impact of active projects as of 31/12/2019).

In Madagascar, more than 600 students from the surrounding villages have come to visit our largest solar power plant (CDM-CER certified), and we invite local farmers for a "grass day" to mow the land beneath the solar panels and feed their cattle.

We are proud to publish the professional equality index 2019 which amounts to 91/100. In the form of a score out of 100. This result demonstrates GreenYellow's strong commitment to equality between women and men.

GreenYellow has partnered with Pur Projet and the Nordesta association to contribute to reforesting the banks of the São Francisco River in Brazil. We plant 1 tree for every French client that reached its energy evfficiency monthly goal. To date, more than 600 trees have been planted.

  • Carbon footprint impact
  • Supporting local communities
  • Professional equality
  • Sustainable development



Our impact on carbon emissions


A committed company

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