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GreenYellow South Africa

Your partner in Energy Transition

GreenYellow is here to support South Africa’s private and public stakeholders to reach the country’s commitment to sustainable energy and to make the green growth a reality shared by all. Considering that the current energy mix in South Africa is plagued by fossil fuels, rotation power outages and end of life energy infrastructure, GreenYellow has developed a unique platform of offers to ease the frustrations of ongoing power supply problems and help clients remain committed to combating climate change.

As a partner in the energy transition, GreenYellow offers its clients the opportunity to consume better and consume less.


Rooftop solar plant


Africa receives the most hours of sunshine in a year than any other continent on earth. The abundant climatic conditions offer GreenYellow a very promising market to allow our clients the opportunity to improve their carbon footprint and to save money thanks to our solar photovoltaic offer #ShiftProduction.



Ligthing project


Moreover, with a range of tax incentives and the need to improve energy efficiency in buildings due to carbon and energy security objectives, a demand has been created for companies specializing in energy efficiency, like GreenYellow, with its offer #ShiftEfficiency.



Our Unique Global Offer

GreenYellow has devised 3 unique offers to ensure that your business not only reduces it’s ecological footprint but also reduces it’s energy bill.

Our team of Experts

Our team is composed of professionals who are driven by the same ambition: to make our clients energy transition a success!
At GreenYellow, we are characterized by our commitment and ability to adapt.


A word from our Country Director:

"GreenYellow enables all private and public actors in South Africa to consume better and consume less. This means taking concrete action in favour of the energy transition thanks to proven solutions and reducing their energy bills"

Michael ILIAS - Country Director Southern Africa

Michael ILIAS, Country Director Southern Africa



Our team of experts in South Africa


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