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Electric mobility: GreenYellow and AccorInvest partner up to install electric vehicle charging stations

EV charging stations

Electric mobility: GreenYellow and AccorInvest partner up to install electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lots of 45 Accor hotels

AccorInvest, Europe's leading hotel owner, investor and operator, has signed an agreement with GreenYellow, a major player in the fast & ultra-fast recharging of electric vehicles, to place 268 charging points at 45 hotel sites located in France, in urban and suburban areas. This collaboration addresses the changing needs of EV drivers by deploying infrastructure appropriate for the uses and challenges of accelerating access to electric mobility for all. Some of these 268 charging points will be put into service in the first half of 2023.

GreenYellow, a global leader in decentralized PV power generation and energy efficiency, is pleased to collaborate with AccorInvest in the deployment of charging stations for electric vehicles in the parking lots of 45 of the Group's hotels, including 41 outdoor parking lots. This will allow electric vehicle users to park and charge their vehicles simultaneously.

Through this partnership, AccorInvest is accelerating its contribution to the energy transition by calling on GreenYellow to supply and install charging stations with a power of 150 to 300kW (fast & ultra fast charging), along with accelerated charging outlets (22kW), with an investment supported by GreenYellow. This mix of powers allows for a diverse range of uses and addresses the variety of user needs.

The first sites will be operational in the second quarter of 2023. These charging stations will be open 24/7, accessible to all, and will allow rapid charging of electric vehicles on the same site (up to 5 minutes for high-power recharging).

GreenYellow's ambition to accelerate the development of electromobility

GreenYellow's ambition is to become one of the leading multi-energy players in terms of electric mobility by investing massively in the deployment of universally accessible electric charging infrastructure. Indeed, as part of the unique decentralized platform model that GreenYellow is deploying to serve the energy transition of its clients, electric mobility plays an important role, with more than 500 terminals already deployed by the end of 2022 in companies & commercial areas. GreenYellow plays a major role in accelerating electric mobility in France, to bring energy as close as possible to the consumer’s needs.

A collaboration in line with AccorInvest's existing strategy

AccorInvest is once again working with an energy transition player as part of the deployment of its ESG* strategy. The Group intends to profoundly change the role of hotels in society while decarbonizing its activities. AccorInvest wishes to transform the hotel from a mere place that people pass through into a key player in the environmental transition for a positive local impact.

In addition, AccorInvest and GreenYellow are working together as part of the Group's energy procurement strategy:

  • To optimize its contracts
  • To purchase energy at the best price
  • but also in the management of its consumption.


"GreenYellow is delighted to be able to support AccorInvest in their acceleration towards the energy transition, especially for this large-scale deployment of more than 250 fast & ultra-fast charging points, promoting the adoption of electric vehicles for its guests." says Nicolas ULMANN, Director of New Activities at GreenYellow France.

"AccorInvest is proud to have GreenYellow as a partner. This new partnership is part of the implementation of our ESG strategy. Our local network must be put to work for users of electric vehicles, in line with our strategic objective of reducing carbon emissions", says Franck Bermond, Technical and Construction Asset Management Director, Group ESG Contact.

*Refers to the Environmental, Social and Governance criteria used to analyze and evaluate the consideration given to sustainable development and long-term issues in corporate strategy.