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GreenYellow acquires RunCharge to become the 1st network of charging stations in Reunion Island

EV charging stations

GreenYellow acquires RunCharge to become the 1st network of charging stations in Reunion Island

Reunion Island is currently experiencing a surge in electric mobility, and the electrification of its means of transport represents one of the main levers for accelerating progress towards carbon neutrality, as set out in Reunion Island's Pluriannual Energy Program (Programmation Pluriannuelle de l’Energie or PPE) According to this plan, the target for the number of electric vehicles by the end of 2023 was 10,600. As of mid-September, there were already almost 13,000 vehicles on the road!

However, this significant acceleration must be accompanied by the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) that are open to the public and operational. This is not yet the case. It is against this backdrop that GreenYellow Océan Indien, a French company based in Saint-Paul and a leader in energy transition in the region, has announced the acquisition of RunCharge, the first network of solar charging stations in Reunion Island. The announcement was made during an exceptional gathering of electric vehicles at the Grotte des Premiers Français, in the presence of Electro'ker, an association of electric vehicle owners, and ending an entire week dedicated to electric mobility in Saint-Paul.

RunCharge has played a key role in promoting this transition, having already deployed 14 solar charging stations for electric vehicles to date. In addition to providing access to new charging points, the RunCharge network has the advantage of supplying green electricity and paying by the kWh (not by the minute). The arrival of GreenYellow will accelerate deployment, with more than twenty stations due to open in the coming months, and 100 stations by 2028.

The event was an opportunity for the General Manager of GreenYellow Indian Ocean, Pierre Marouby, to share his satisfaction with the acquisition:
"Already the leader in photovoltaics in the Indian Ocean, this acquisition enables GreenYellow to become the leading network of charging stations on Reunion Island. We look forward to continuing to develop RunCharge, creating a denser, greener and more accessible network of charging stations for electric vehicles. We're aiming for over 100 sites by 2028 and will thus help accelerate Reunion's energy transition."

Thierry Garcia, founder of RunCharge said:
"This acquisition by GreenYellow is a perfect illustration of the French adage that “Gouverner, c'est prévoir” (To govern is to foresee). When it comes to energy transition, this is particularly true. This philosophy has always guided our ambition at RunCharge. We have laid the foundations for a network of charging stations in Reunion Island, and we are delighted to be handing over to GreenYellow, which has the necessary resources to bring this project to fruition".