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Improve the equipment at your commercial property

Enlist a retail expert to help you make the most from your equipment

GreenYellow offers GreenLoop, a turnkey solution for lowering costs tied to a change in concept while encouraging the circular economy.

  • Improve all the equipment at your commercial property
  • Get a fast response and receive optimal logistics management
  • Lower your costs by sharing the resale value
  • Contribute to the circular economy and recycle your equipment

GreenYellow’s advantages

  • Costs cut tenfold on average
    With the GreenLoop resale guarantee
  • A turnkey project
    We do everything from auditing to organizing logistics to final inspection
  • Multi-site expertise
    All types of businesses handled

Key steps of a project

  1. Exhaustively audit your equipment
  2. Selling any reusable equipment
  3. Managing the removal of your sold equipment and recycling
  4. Returning your property to regular condition
  5. Final inspection and value-sharing



Key figures

More than 200

stores and restaurants aided


saved on average

2.5 km of display space

taken down in 2019

25 tonnes of materials

recycled per year