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The CSR impact of GreenYellow

To mark World Climate Day 2020, the GreenYellow CSR team has launched a new initiative called POD14, which aims to make CSR more accessible to all through a series of 14 podcasts.

Visit this page (and our YouTube channel), to listen to a new podcast.

Following these editions, you will be able to deepen your knowledge of CSR in a fun way. You will also discover keys to act in favor of the energy transition and to motivate your different networks to follow you, because we can all be ambassadors of "positive change"!  

Les actions RSE de GreenYellow

To listen or listen again to the first editions of POD14, it's just below
and to learn more about GreenYellow's commitments and CSR actions, it is just here.


Discover all the editions of our podcast dedicated to CSR

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