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Discover POD14

CSR: A source of positive change!

So that we can all be ambassadors for positive change, the CSR team made up of Alexandra Mannaï and Romane Vieira is offering a new initiative: POD14!

What’s POD14?
A podcast to share GreenYellow’s CSR commitments and get others involves in a positive dialog about concrete, high-impact actions to benefit society.

Why did you choose the name “POD14”?
Because GreenYellow’s CSR policy is founded on 14 initiatives!

Every two weeks, listen to a new podcast to learn what you can do to support the energy transition and motivate others around you to do the same.

Who’s it for?
Everyone! The GreenYellow community, our customers and stakeholders, and others. The podcasts will be available in both French and English so that everyone can listen in.

Discover without further delay the first edition of POD14 !