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GreenYellow and the Banque des Territoires partner up to develop electric mobility

EV charging stations

GreenYellow and the Banque des Territoires partner up to develop electric mobility

GreenYellow and the Banque des Territoires announce their partnership through the Lemonwatt platform, enabling up to €30m in equity financing of investments in EVCI* across France.

The Lemonwatt platform aims to set up 700 hubs of medium and high-powered electric charging stations for electric drivers, with priority given to commercial properties (hotels, shops, restaurants, services, etc.). This collaboration will enable the supply of more than 450 GWh of electricity to electric vehicles, which will represent more than 260 million kilometers traveled each year by users of Lemonwatt's charging stations and 29,000 tons of CO2 emissions avoided. With this partnership, GreenYellow and the Banque des Territoires have the shared ambition to accelerate the deployment of electric mobility, in order to guide places towards new electric practices and usher the people of France into a more environmentally friendly world.

Avec ce partenariat, GreenYellow et la Banque des Territoires ont l’ambition commune d’accélérer le déploiement de la mobilité électrique, de façon à guider les territoires vers de nouveaux usages électriques et accompagner les Français vers un monde plus respectueux de l’environnement.

A strong commitment from the partners to promote electric mobility

GreenYellow will contribute 51% of the equity and shareholder current accounts, and Banque des Territoires 49%, which will be disbursed as the projects are deployed.

Le lancement de Lemonwatt est l’occasion de sécuriser le financement d’une première tranche de 30 M€ d’investissements en bornes de recharge, en priorité sur du foncier tertiaire (hôtellerie, commerces, restaurants, services…), s’articulant autour de différentes technologies et de puissances adaptées à chaque projet. La plateforme sera supervisée par GreenYellow, qui endossera aussi les rôles de développeur, constructeur et opérateur.

GreenYellow, a global leader in decentralized PV power generation and energy efficiency since 2007, launched its #SHIFTMOBILITYoffering in 2020. The company helps to outline the client's needs around the project, finances it, and supplies and deploys the electric vehicle charging stations, with suitable charging powers. As part of its unique solution platform model, which the company is deploying to support the energy transition, electric mobility plays an important role, with some 50 deployments of 500 charging stations, all power levels combined, rolled out to date for companies and commercial areas.

The electrification of means of transport in France is one of the key ways to accelerate the move towards carbon neutrality, supported by the French government, and is an important objective of its National Low-Carbon Strategy.

According to a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the market for electric and hybrid vehicles has never been so strong in France, with sales of electrified cars up 28% in the first quarter of 2022 (11% in Europe). This significant acceleration comes as a network of outside-the-home recharging facilities is being set up to ensure that electric vehicle drivers have the security and range they need.

Pour Otmane HAJJI,President of GreenYellow, says:"Electric mobility is growing alongside the profound transformation of our society and our travel habits. We are at the beginning of a new chapter as we were for solar and energy efficiency. GreenYellow sees opportunities for its clients with the creation of service offerings with economic, financial, and environmental value. This is why, after several successful projects that have led to the deployment of more than 500 charging stations over the past two years, we wanted to work with the Banque des Territoires to scale up and consolidate a fluid and sustainable partnership that would provide financial security for our deployments and enable us to build locations on different types of rural, urban, and suburban properties. We are keen to develop a network of more local sites, close to where drivers need them, in order to reduce the anxiety associated with recharging and thus accelerate the transition to electric mobility. We are looking forward to implementing new business synergies in the EVCI value chain and to providing our clients with these private and public services alongside Banque des Territoires, which is at the forefront of these issues.”

Pour Pierre AUBOUIN,Director of the Infrastructure and Mobility Department at the Investment Directorate of the Banque des Territoires, says: "GreenYellow is a leading French player in energy efficiency and renewable energy production in the service sector. With Ardian, its new shareholder, we are confident that it will be able to put its expertise at the service of EVCI through the Lemonwatt platform, of which it will be the manufacturer and operator. Lemonwatt's involvement in the commercial and services sector is another contribution by the Banque des Territoires toward building a tight network of charging stations that reaches everyone, in order to support the energy transition of mobility across the land. As a pioneer in sustainable mobility, the Banque des Territoires is today strongly committed to financing EVCI, both private terminals with the creation of Logivolt for condos, and terminals open to the public; these two segments form "a new essential network".

*Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure