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GreenYellow do Brazil designs two new PV plants for Panvel

Non-food retail

Solar Photovoltaic

GreenYellow do Brasil teams design two new PV plants for Panvel

Currently in the development phase to begin construction in the second half of 2021, two sites operated by Panvel – a Brazilian non-medical pharmacy retailer – will be equipped with solar plants by GreenYellow do Brazil.

With over €1.95 million invested in the project, GreenYellow will enable Panvel, in partnership with ERB, to produce 4.88 GWh of green energy per year. These two solar plants consist of a total of 5,040 panels with an installed capacity of 2.924 MWp.
This achievement will cover the equivalent of the annual consumption of 2,500 Brazilian households and avoid the emission of 570 tons of CO2 per year, which will help reduce the carbon footprint of the Brazilian retailer.

These two solar plants demonstrate GreenYellow do Brasil's positioning as an energy Partner of companies and public sector in Brazil.

The Brazilian teams work daily to enable their clients to accelerate their energy transition by designing and developing solar plants, without any investment on their part!

To date, more than 124 MWp have been installed or are under construction: 37 ground-mount solar plants and 10 rooftop solar plants. Discover these projects in this video, and how we are making our clients' energy transition a realistic, effective, committed success.