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GreenYellow wins over two major contracts in South Africa, and signs its largest Energy Efficiency partnership in country.

GreenYellow wins over two major contracts in South Africa, and signs its largest Energy Efficiency partnership in country

GreenYellow, a major energy player in France and internationally, specializing in energy efficiency solutions, energy services and solar photovoltaic production, is supporting Retailability and PPC in their energy transition with new energy efficiency and photovoltaic implementation projects. With these new contracts, GreenYellow continues its expansion in South Africa and positions itself as a key player of the market.

GreenYellow continues its international expansion and is now strongly present in South Africa. After less than two years of implementation, GreenYellow has managed to sign its second largest EE contract with Retailability. These partnerships show the great dynamism of GreenYellow in the market, by the winning of several significant contracts. With Mike Ilias at the head of the sales team, this new subsidiary is pleased to support the energy transition of major businesses of the area: Retailability, a South African based group of retail brands, and PPC, a leading supplier of materials and solutions into the basic services sector in Southern Africa.

GreenYellow will implement energy efficiency projects in 106 Retailability’s Edgars sites, though a 7-year partnership with GreenYellow. This project will provide 16 GWh of annual energy savings, representing a 30% reduction in their energy bill of the sites concerned and a substantial reduction in their direct carbon footprint, with over 14 000 tons of CO2e avoided emissions per year - the equivalent of 72 000 trees planted each year.
For PPC, GreenYellow will develop solar photovoltaic projects for 2 large industrial sites, for 2.8MWp, enabling PPC to reduce its dependence on the Utility.

“These new contracts constitute a major part of our expansion into South Africa to position ourselves as a key energy player in the country. GreenYellow is proud to support Retailability and PPC in its energy transition by providing environmentally friendly energy solutions that will enable them to reduce their consumption, reliance from the grid and improve its energy performance,” said Otmane Hajji, President of GreenYellow.