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Schneider Electric and GreenYellow join forces to provide commercial and industrial microgrid solutions across Europe

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GreenYellow and Schneider Electric join forces to provide commercial and industrial microgrid solutions across Europe

Microgrid solutions require no upfront capital investment, cut energy costs, while improving energy resilience and sustainability

Paris (France), April 13, 2023 – Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has partnered with GreenYellow, an expert in decentralized solar power generation and energy efficiency solutions, to announce a new Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) microgrid solution.

It is aimed for small and medium-sized businesses in the commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors such as: retail stores, logistics centers, commercial buildings, as well as manufacturing plants, breweries and dairies, etc. Across Europe, microgrids will empower businesses to take control of their energy costs, increase their energy security and accelerate their path towards sustainability. Delivered as a service, this solution will provide companies with all the benefits of a microgrid while sparing them the upfront investment that is usually required.

The new offer comes amidst soaring energy costs across Europe and ahead of potential significant shortages in winter 2023-24 that may lead to a high risk of rolling blackouts.

In August 2022, the cost of French power hit 900 euros per megawatt-hour. More than ten times the price at this time a year earlier (Bloomberg).

In Spain, electricity bills reached €158.26 in August 2022, a year-on-year increase of 70% (FACUO).

European electricity price volatility in 2022 was on average six times higher than in 2020 and more than doubled compared to 2021(Ffe).

Little wonder, then, that a recentrapport by PwC found that 40% of global CEOs identified the transition to new energy sources as the factor most likely to impact industry profitability over the next ten years.

Microgrids replace expensive, carbon-intensive electricity purchased from the grid with clean, self-generated and environmentally-friendly power sourced as solar photovoltaics (PV). Battery storage further increases the flexibility of PV usage, which lowers costs and reduces carbon emissions. Savings can also be made by leveraging advanced system controls and smart algorithms to optimize the operation of the local energy plant and determine whether and when energy should be used or stored. Furthermore, by helping to ensure facilities are provided with a consistent supply of power in the event of grid outages or extreme weather events, microgrids enhance energy resilience.

The partnership between Schneider Electric and GreenYellow provides end-to-end support for businesses seeking to integrate microgrids into their operations. Schneider and GreenYellow will analyze and assess a business’ data to optimize the grid’s implementation, including load profiles, energy demand and supply structure, as well as underlying price and tariff structure to design optimized microgrid solutions.

The companies will provide the PV panels, the battery energy storage system, electrical distribution, controls of the complete system, as well as ongoing service of the microgrid. GreenYellow will operate the microgrid system, while Schneider will optimize it using operational data. Together, they will supply a comprehensive solution equipping businesses to more easily access and benefit fully from the manifold advantages of microgrids.

"Commercial and industrial businesses are an engine of the European economy and yet they are struggling to survive because they cannot afford the cost of energy, " said Philippe Delorme, Schneider Electric’s EVP of European Operations. "Our new microgrid offering will enable them to take back control and manage their costs effectively. Businesses will have a reliable supply of affordable, clean energy to maintain operations while meeting their decarbonization targets”.

“PV generation has grown significantly and is on track to outperform the goal of reaching 430GW by 2030. With a quarter of that energy generated from roofs, parking lots and other assets belonging to commercial and industrial businesses, microgrids are a great way to optimize energy usage. And without upfront investment, it’s a win-win for most businesses,” said Otmane Hajji, CEO, GreenYellow.

Signature du nouveau partenariat entre GreenYellow et Schneider Electric

The service will be immediately available in France, Spain, Portugal, and Eastern Europe, with additional countries, such as Germany along with parts of Benelux and the Nordics to follow soon after. The announcement is an extension of the existingpartnership between Schneider Electric and GreenYellow in the space of energy performance contracting.